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What happens on the day of a Dog Photography session?

How it Works

What happens after a Dog Photography session?

How it Works

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The answers to your questions
What happens if it rains or my Dog is ill.
I will check in the day before the session is booked to ensure that everything is still ok. If for any reason you can not make the session we will simply rearrange for another date.
Can I have more than one dog?
Absolutely - there is no additional charge for extra Dogs, Horses, Alpacas, Children or Grandparents. Just let me know when we have the initial call so that I can understand and plan the session accordingly
My dog can't be let of the lead, how will that impact on the images
During our initial call we will cover things like this. I would recommend a secure Dog field if you have one near by to that we can get images that where your Dog can run free.
In addition I can remove leads in the editing process if needed and will plan the session accordingly
Do I have to be in the photos?
If you feel at all uncomfortable in front of the camera then not at all. My aim is to capture the connection between you and your dog. I will guide you to pose in the way you and your Dog are comfortable - think high fives, hand licks, over the shoulder or between legs
How far will you travel?
Yes - travel is included in my package pricing - however anything that requires an overnight stay (normally over 3hrs driving time from Nottingham) will be charged at £125 over the session fee to cover the cost.
Do you offer payment plans
A non refundable deposit, 50% of the package cost is required to holding the booking- payment for the session must be made 7 days before the session is booked.

I offer monthly payments via Pay it Monthly -minimum price is £250.

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