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Portraits of You and Your Dogs

​As a Dog Photographer it is important for me, through a consultation call,  to get to know both you and your Dog or Dogs so that we can plan the session together according to the package you would like, understand the images you want and what your Dog/Dogs like and importantly don't like.  This call can be via the phone, Zoom or in person and it's a great place to agree locations, date and times, special requirements and to cover what to expect.


I also specialise in Equine Photography so if you would like some horse portraits too, please click here for more details.

I will  join you in a location where you and your dog feel comfortable and the session can be natural and fun. I will spend some time with them so that they feel at ease with me before introducing my camera equipment. I tend to use a long lens but will change, if your dog is comfortable, to a shorter lens especially for portrait images.

A session, depending on the brief lasts between 1 - 2hrs, and will usually start with some portraits images and then move on to action shots.  As we walk I will be looking for interesting points to capture your dog's personality and the connection between you. 


These walks can be on lead or off lead (leads can easily be removed in the editing process so don't worry) and my aim is to ensure that you and your dog feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. The is no pressure to perform in any way I want your dog to behave as naturally as possible - I have a variety of tricks to get the best from images we can. My favourite images are those candid images that capture unique and special moments in time.   


Read my testimonials and you'll see how much fun the dog photo shoot sessions are! 

Click here for details of packages and prices.

When the session is finished we will set the date for the  viewing and when I'm at home I will start the sorting and editing process. This usually takes about 2 weeks to complete.

This is your opportunity to decide which of the images you want included in the package  and which other images you wish to purchase.

My goal is to make the whole process from end to end as relaxing, fun and enjoyable as I can for you and your dog and deliver to you fabulous images that capture treated memories.


Please get in touch if you have any questions - I would love to hear from you.  You can also read my blog to find out about some of my dog photography and horse photography sessions as well as some useful tips.  Please click here to sign up for my free newsletter and receive special offers to your inbox.

Packages Start from £125

 click here for more details

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