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RSPCA fundraiser

I grew up with dogs from and Afghan Hound called Mr Soames (don't judge it was the 70s) to a Bearded Collie called Boomer (still one of my favourite breeds). When I started my Nurse training I always wanted my own dog , however shift patterns, moving around the country and living in Nurses homes were not the right environment for having a Dog.

Forward a good few years, now settled in Nottinghamshire and with a family of my own we decided that it was the right time touring a Dog into our lives and settled on an older rescue Dog, which are often overlooked when adopting.

So we found ourselves at the RSPCA Centre in Radcliffe nr Nottingham where we met Sheeba.

Adopting a rescue is not without its challenges as every Dog has had its own journey that has lead them to be looking for a new home and Sheeba was no exception. We were her 3rd home in six years and am pleased to say that she's been with us for 6yrs and is growing old in a warm and loving family.

Why am i telling you this? Well I wanted to be able to give something back to the Radcliffe centre and as a Professional Dog (and Horse) photographer what better way than provide an opportunity for someone to win a full bespoke session with me for only £5 (the cost of the donation). You will get the full bespoke session, a framed image and all the digitals worth £1000.

For more information please see here

Remember your donation helps the rescue continue their brilliant work and enables dogs like Sheeba to find their forever homes.

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