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What to do on a Frosty Morning with a Fox Red Labrador ...?

Updated: Mar 16

Go for an outdoor photo sessional -4, with frost and mist!

Keepers owner was gifted a photo-session, including the a framed print as a Christmas present and contacted me early one morning as they specifically wanted frosty morning images.

We met up at a local dog park, Millside Dog Park, for the session with the aim to capture all the different aspects of this young Labrador, from running around with his boundless energy to more intimate portraits with his owner.

Using a Dog park is a perfect place to have a photo session if you are at all worried about them around other dogs or their recall as it provides lots of opportunities for images whilst within a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

As a Professional Dog Photographer, I take my cues from the dog as to what they want to do, never making them uncomfortable with posing in certain places or certain way. It was great that this youngster knew the basic commands and was able to sit and stay although he was less than impressed with laying down on the frosty grass, even though that's where I was.

Overall we had a fabulous session and got some great images that the owner was able to choose their frame and display their memories on the wall and a great review as well ...

"Could not be happier with my picture and a photo shoot that was bought as a gift for Christmas, would highly recommend Jim Connolly Photography who is the nicest person and was very laid back, as my Dog was wired that morning being somewhere new and in sub zero temperatures but Jim was not phased, he was also very accommodating as I really wanted my pictures to be on a frosty morning and was very flexible short notice to accommodate this.

A perfect memory to keep

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